Analysis and Performance Directorate

Z. Kliti Starja

The Directorate of Analysis and Performance is responsible for assessing the state of the forest sector, through monitoring criteria and indicators, conducting the National Forest Inventory and extracting the results, developing the advisory service for increasing the capacities of forestry professionals, updating the achievements , innovations and best practices at the international level.

Directorate of Management and Control

Z. Ilir Bala

The Directorate of Management and Control, is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the National Register of the Forest Fund (RKFP); management of the central and integrated database; maintenance and updating of the integrated information system in the forest sector (ALFIS); review/evaluation of breeding/management plans, projects of cultural works, afforestation and rehabilitation of the forest fund; monitoring and controlling the activity of public or private operators in the forest fund, the activity of the forest administration and inspection structures in the Local Self-Government Units/Municipalities, to guarantee the implementation of the legislation, the fulfillment of the criteria/conditions defined in the planning documents and permits approved; coordination with Local Self-Government Units/Municipalities and the National Agency of Protected Areas.

Directorate of Finance and Support Services

Znj. Drita Dalipaj

The Directorate of Finance and Support Services is responsible for the planning, optimization and good management of financial and human resources, the realization of support functions, ensuring the legal compliance of the agency's activity, with the aim of the smooth running of the institution's activity.